Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The Dead Rodent--Supernova DialogueThe Dead Rodent--Supernova Papers: A Record of Exchanges Just Before The Apocalypse

Confucius said, "Familial devotion is great but keep receipts."  Is there a better authority on such matters? (Okay, there's the Torah, but who's got the time?)

The great thing about Confucius is that he distilled his wisdom into fortune cookies, which you can consume in bite-sized portions at your local PF Chang's (or other Chinese bistro).

Indeed, sir. This is why Judaism never went viral--no wants to eat a matzo ball that with a message such as "Keepest Thou The Sabbeth."

Heh, that's great! It's even funnier if you know what a matzo ball is (basically, it feels like you're eating an oatmeal meatball).

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