Sunday, August 16, 2009

Universal healthcare is terrorist recruitment tool

Speaking of that video--

( Universal healthcare is terrorist recruitment tool

--how terrifying is it that Canada has national health care, and
dangerous--whereas Mexico, an incredibly safe and crime-free nation, has
none? I fear for the safety of Minnesotans, especially Lake Woebegone.

But still...isn't it fucking awesome that you can get paid huge sums of
money without having to make any sense whatsoever?

I went to graduate school on a loan, no stipend, and my research had to
establish some sort of logical connection between facts...wherea's these
people are paid to cherry-pick whatever alleged factoids fit their
argument...and some are paid millions per year to do exactly that!

It's fucking awesome! Think about it. If you try to conjecture a rational
argument, you'll make nothing. But if you deliberately avoid making any
sense, and instead blurt out half-truths and plain lies like a hurt little
schoolboy, people might hand you giant bags of money. Or give you tenure
in the Dept. of Education, or a job in a right-wing think tank...America
fucking kicks ass!

You can convince people that an impoverished nation is a threat to America,
that guns save lives, that the gold will rain down from the sky...God I
love this country!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

More artificial musings.

The problem with AI is that we will not know if we have succeeded until our robots start having pointless arguments about movies and masturbating. And by that time, who knows if what video format will be in effect? That's why we must immediately eliminate any and all government funding for all other issues until we answer this burning question: Will the sentient beings of the future wank over lesbian porn?

Yours In Christ,