Friday, October 2, 2015

Meanwhile, In GunMasscreLandia, Guess What Happened?

Hmmm, I just can't imagine what the problem could be. What could possibly allow a person to go on a massacre with a...
Posted by Shaun Gates on Friday, October 2, 2015

Hmmm, I just can't imagine what the problem could be. What could possibly allow a person to go on a massacre with a loaded firearm? (Hint: It's liberals or feminists or sluts or all of them combined...some liberal-feminist-man-slut who hates his own penis (thanks Obama) and doesn't want to be forced to gay marry (thanks Big Gay) or otherwise be a slave to Tyrannosaurus Obama, not to mention the filthy, filthy, depraved mainstream media which fills our society with consumerism and the urge to buy buy buy the newest meFone or whatever gadget they are pushing. PS: Buy buy buy, it's what keeps the economy going or we'll all be unemployed.)
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Stay Hydrated With The Sweet Sweet Elixir of the Apocalypse

So good, you'll resent it's absence!
You'll never be thirsty again! (Because you will probably be dead.)

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Afghanistan: Worse Than Mississippi

A reader comments:
"Afghanistan is a mostly rural nation with very low population densities. It does not possess the cultural, physical and social infrastructure of a modern nation. It is a bunch a of villages, loosely connected through tribal alliances, that live off the land. There are not large factories and industrial centers. There are not powerful institutions of higher learning. They barely have schools for kids.

The people are loyal to their family, their village, their tribe, and probably in that order. Our concept of central government is foreign to them. Our concept of nation is foreign to them. I have seen many news reports that reveal that the locals don't understand why American troops are even there. 

We have imposed our Western ways upon them which the people have rejected. They don't want to fight in our war. They want to go back to their villages. 

This does not excuse Taliban cruelty, but these questions must be asked. If we weren't fighting the Taliban, would the Taliban not be fighting against the villages? Do the Taliban wish to drive out the infidel Americans and our proxy puppets instead of killing villagers? Do the villagers really care if the Taliban rule?

We have no allies in the region, just nations that use us to further their own gains. The situation has always been hopeless for a military victory. 

We should take a cue from the Afghan forces running away. There is nothing to stand and fight for. So they run. So should we."


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Yet not a word about where masturbation fits into this. Come back when you have a testable hypothesis!

Only if it's prostitution, pole-dancing, or a mud-wrestling pit near LAX. (So really it's just a question of what degree you're willing to degrade yourself for money.) (Caveat: Unless you're a sex slave, but we can't cover every contingency in this argument.)

Afghanistan, Special Director's Cut

This was Vietnam II waiting to happen, With Iraq being Vietnam III. Frankly both of these sequels sucked and I blame George Lucas--I hope he isn't directing the Vietnam IV. My god someone must be out there shopping a prequel around D.C. The horror, the horror.
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NY Times op-ed: The Many Failures In Afghanistan

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


And still another day without a single mention of Climate Interactive's latest study from National Republican Radio which was on the front page of New york times just yesterday, while playing chin music from the usual suspects about the big bad deficit which is going to kill us all, even as our planet continues to plunge headlong into catastrophe. But please, give airtime to and about trumpy--after all, unlike the rest of the GOP, he's not just 100% full of it, he's 1 million % full of it--he's a neutron star in a crock bucket--so of course attention must be paid, while continuing the media shut out of Bernie Sanders' campaign. But please, another Berghdazibola-server-gate story, it's clearly about all you right-wing hacks (mostly) at NPR can do. How dare you people pretend to serve the public interest. you're either disingenuous dissemblers or cowards posing as journalists. At least a president trump would put an end to this useless charade called 'NPR'. No, I take that back:NPR employees would knock each other over in a mad rush to serve as his propagandist-in-chief, while no doubt denouncing colleagues who stepped out of line (the latter suddenly disappearing, then reappearing in Gitmo Orange (it's the new autumn color for 2016 if the GOP wins big, cross your fingers NPR, your days of peonage may soon be over, and the lucky winner shall be Peon-in-Charge-of-Other-Peons.)

And still another day without a single mention of Climate Interactive's latest study from National Republican Radio...
Posted by Shaun Gates on Tuesday, September 29, 2015