Friday, November 21, 2014

Just Because You're Paid To Be A Journalist, Doesn't Mean You Have To Act Like One

A True Story From National Public Radio

Arun Rath:
Greetings Generic Republican legislator, I am your friendly NPR customer service rep. How may I help you today?

GOP Rep. Tom Cole: Can you let me rant about the evil of Nazibama, ask leading questions to set up my talking-point playbook response, and not point out a single factual error? That would be swell!

Arun Rath: Why yes we can! That is our job here at NPR! Can you put on a pretense of having any kind of conscience or moral principles whatsoever?

GOP Rep. Tom Cole: Nope.

Arun Rath: Ah, well...we don't really care, we get paid either way, you know?

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Trending: Is Self-Digestion The New Foodie Cool?

Auto-digestion might just be the new cool foodie trend, say the Trendites. What do you think? If you ate yourself, what would be the best method of preparation? Will you give it a shot? Let us know!

From The Department of Thanks Obama!

This ad, evidently, is not a joke, except on the American people. Having not watched the video (certain that it was very informative though), I never found out what pernicious plans Obama has for my jar of Skippy peanut butter (extra crunchy, or so the label assures me).

It does, however, link to a survivalist website which bills itself as ""....Though why patriots need any more or less food than anyone else exceeds both my knowledge of human physiology and patriotism: Consult your nearest patriotic physiologist for further information.

Now I must load my All-American, Star-Spangled Glock from Sweden and guard my freedom-butter. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Delicious Cheescake Wears Camera And Walks Streets Of Manhattan, You Won't Believe How Many People Looked

A delicious slice of cheesecake wore a hidden camera and walked the streets of Manhattan yesterday, and you won't believe how many people unashamedly looked at the hapless, defenseless pie. Both men and women shouted rude remarks, such as, "I want to eat you with a cup of coffee!" At last report, the cheesecake entered the office of our editor and has not been seen since, although our editor assures he walked the cake slice to its car and saw it drive away so there's no chance that he could know anything about anything about a goddamn slice of cheesecake.

Man Wears Pizza On His Priapistic Cock, You Won't Believe How Many Times People Looked At It

A man wearing a pizza on his fully erect penis walked the streets of Manhattan, and you won't believe how many times people looked at it. How many times? "Plenty," he stated.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Someone Actually Admits He Was Wrong About Iraq

NY Times: An honest appraisal from a general about Iraq This is something you rarely see: A high-level (relatively speaking) admitting that he/she was completely wrong about Iraq, and that a re-invasion would be a huge mistake.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Obama Now Taking Republican Children To FEMA Camps - Please Share!

Photo taken just yesterday of NSA agents removing an African-American girl (probably for voting for Republican on Nov. 4th) to a FEMA camp. The White House has failed to return my emails asking for details on her whereabouts, and her family cannot be reached--it is very likely that they are all under federal detention! Please immediately share and donate to my legal fund to submit a writ of habeas corpi to save this brave Republican hero today!