Tuesday, January 19, 2016

flint: notes from the vomitorium of national republican radio

Average white male pretty sure the whole poisoned water
biz just 'sort of  happened, you know?'
notes from the vomitorium of national republican radio
NPR takes on flint water crisis by talking to white guy from san franciso

NPR decided to spend its valuable helping its listeners understand the water crisis which affects primarily African-American residents by finding a white guy in San Francisco who wrote what sounds like an incredibly dull book about his hometown of Flint. This was great because virtually no one has seen the Michael Moore documentary about Flint, Roger and Me, so there is no way that anyone could be aware that Flint is part of America's vast rust belt which seem to be pretty much the entire nation these days. But wait--it gets better! The author tells us that when you have a city going downhill faster than the Frisco' trolley with brake failure..."bad things happen." So it's not as though this were anyone's choice, or decision: It was just the inevitable product of fate. But a fate wrought by the beauty of creative destruction, so let's remember that there is a very good chance that those brain-damaged kids whose lives have been destroyed will have access to cheap Android phones from China, or Manchuria, or Somalia, or where ever labor can be exploited for the lowest cost to the shareholders. The interviewer did not waste time with probing questions or even suggesting or even the barest hint that this crisis did not 'just happen'. Given the quality of the typical guest on this show, probably just as well. Remember: USA #1, and shouldn't Obama be bombing more people? You know, those people, over there? And what evil is that conniving Hillary up to, sending emails? What's next? Will she make phone calls? NPR will be there! #NPR, #FLINT, #LEAD, #WATER