Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hypocrisy Mode /ON

Free speech.  We all love it.  Minus a few book burnings here and there.  Turns out though that the real villains are (you guessed it) hippies.  Not the funny hippies you see on South Park, but the worst kind of hippies: College professors.  They obtain a degree, publish a study, and pursue research--all in the interest of enslaving mankind.

Enslaving us, to their puritanical, feminine version of life--a world in which peace is celebrated over war, in which love is greater than violence, in which a bliss is sought over misery.

Well I am here to tell you America, that the there is no such world.  Life is a wretched chaos of filthy slugs fighting in the cesspool of Life for the few miserable crumbs of happiness that can be had.  And that's why I love America. The best most of us can hope for is to grab the half-chewed remnants of those crumbs as they ooze from those slugs greater than ourselves before they can reach down with their tongue and lick it back into their gaping maw.

Works for me, been doing it my whole life.

[Author's Note: Sadly, I was unable to research this article, or I might have turned up information about far-and-not-so-far-right extremists burning books or hanging abolitionists or banning books as 'unchristian' or filing ridiculous lawsuits...some sort of 'network' of 'information' with which one could 'search' the googleplexi of data or potential data out there in the word.....Sadly there is not, I suppose it would take a scientist to invent such a thing.  But that would be a balanced perspective, and my job is to sell opinions, not reason.  I'm sure you'll understand.]

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