Monday, November 8, 2010

Hark! The Deficit Angels Sing!

I was polishing my trophy collection (I won the Pulitzer for "Most Insufferably Smug Bastard In Journalism" several years running) while listening to election returns. And then I polished my unbearable smugness--that alienates me from everyone else in the human race, other than my noxiously smug reactionary colleagues

As a friend of mine once said, "I'm dying of a 100 good symptoms."  Well actually it was an immigrant child whom I took off of life support--not on my tax dollars! Yankee Doodle I  Don't Think So!  (I did the right thing.)

And now the Democratic Party is dying, because the 5-10% of the idiots who believe anything they hear on TV voted the other way.  Once again, the inherent wisdom of the voters who change their minds every fucking election has been born out, and the messages is: "We want our cable TV!"  (Advertising doesn't work--that's why people spend so much money on it.  It has no influence on behavior. (Makes sense to me, what's your problem?))

Obama's expansion of government can now be brought to a halt! And lo! I foresee a beautiful vision of America's future.  Where roads are not maintained.  Where drugs are not tested.  Children are not treated for preventable medical conditions but cattle are! Where pollution is free to go where it wants! Hark! The angels are singing and they sing, "Bring back leaded gasoline!"

Congress is not there to enact the will of the people.  They are there to enact the will of Will.  And Will will's this: By no rule but by profit shall ye abide.  So now please excuse me, I must to the bell tower and as they peal, you may hear a cry: "Greed is the greatest good! Greed is the greatest good! Greed is the greatest good! Greed is the only good!"

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