Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pardon Me Whilst I Gloat

david.brooksby DAVID BROOKS
Hi.  How ya doin?  Me, just trying to pretend I’m not on a gloating spree.  Suck my fat one, liberals!

But seriously—has the Tea Party hurt the GOP’s standing with indie voters?  Of course not.  If you don’t care how many bombs are dropped on innocent bystanders in a pointless war that’s cost us a trillion dollars and the goodwill of lord knows how many people, are you really even paying attention? Can you believe it? A trillion dollars to depose Saddam and still the mess is not cleaned up? Ah, good times…)  Or maybe, as I recently wrote, “Nothing, it seems, is more scary than one-party Democratic control.

Wow, not even I can say that one with a straight face.  Hell, we could put a dog up for election right now and as long as it promised a tax cut it would win the election. 

You know what, let’s do that—let’s put an aggressive, angry, D.C.-outsider, tax-cutting, wasteful-government-slashing, welfare-and-food-stamp-hating, unemployment-loathing, stimulus-hating and war-loving Rottweiler on the ticket. 

Because that’s what Americans hate the most—other Americans.  And that is why they’re going vote GOP in November. 

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