Tuesday, September 7, 2010

CINEMA CORNER: Humpday (Share My Outrage!)

Dear Internet, I have just sat through this film and I find it a repellent and abhorrent example of the continuing oppression by the Matriarchy of all men everywhere.

I am a man, a man whom heroically refuses to submit to the role society has created for me.  And since I have the ability to think for myself, I am continually sickened by Hollywood’s portrayal of men as immoral, violent, promiscuous, sociopaths.  You would think from watching The Sopranos that men spend their days breaking bones, collecting vigs, and cheating on their wives.
The truth is that men are often quite nice, want to be good fathers, and are generally polite, but sadly we are often not allowed to be human beings by the social expectations that constrict our lives.
Why don't you make a movie about REAL men who exist in REAL life instead of stereotyping all men as murderous, vicious tattooed sluts who just want to drink, fuck, and kill.  Have the courage to meet a REAL man, Ms. Shelton, instead of stereotyping us as the media has done so often. 
Frankly it's so objectionable that nowadays I only listen to Pacifica Radio and watch IFC where I can see cinema made by and about REAL men.  Had I known "Lynne" was a girl's name I would never have sat through this nasty caricature of the male gender.  From now on I will be the kind of man that terrifies the Hollywood Establishment—I will only watch movies written and made by REAL men.  Not the fake men who make movies like this.

Yours Truly,
Real Man
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