Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Win – Again!

Geoge F. Will
George F. Will - Cuba's Castro learns what most of us already knew

An earthshaking, history-altering announcement was made by Cuba’s Castro recently, in which he inasmuch admitted the failure of his economic plan.

Who would have thought that a politically isolated island shithole which has only two exports—sugar cane and refugees—would end up as an economic failure?

Today the average Cuban earns only $20 per day, whereas in capitalist nations such as India, one can earn on average $1.3 dollars per day, or Kenya (88 cents) or Mexico ($7) or Haiti ($2).  Clearly free enterprise works—as I should know, I’ve been writing books about how great it is for years.

Yes, at one time many indulged in the belief that history would invariably lead us to some Eden wherein we could all live lives without extreme want, poverty or disease.  Thank god this has been proven wrong, and I am delighted to say that life is just as miserable now as it has been throughout history. 

Now that He has provided me with yet another victory that virtually no one outside of Cuba and some aging bitter men who still grind axes over old grudges could give a pile of dead weevils about, I feel entitled to indulge in a bit of gloating about the future: I foresee the total economic collapse of the U.S. as a result of Obama’s policies.  Ah, I look forward to that day—to see American citizens once again returned to complete and utter economic inequality, the likes which we will not have seen since the founding of this great nation.  My heart glows with the thought that this will indeed come to pass, and I can watch millions parade in front of the cameras in extreme want, poverty, and disease.  What joy!

Salutations and keep the faith alive.
-George F. Will
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