Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Times Like These I Wish I Could Still Feel My Testicles

Charles Krauthammer - Visigoths at the gate?

Hi, Chuck Deathhammer rappin' at ya. If I could just feel my nads again my joy would be complete.  Just loving what I consider to be the maple-syrupy-breakfast-poptart-irony of the Democratic Party being afraid of a Tea Party Takeover of my beloved GOP. Nothing could be more silly.

The fact is, we've been advocating, for ages, the same kind of ignorant hate of which the Tea Party feeds.  We've built the trough and filled it for ages, and now that they're hungrier than ever, why wouldn't they come to us? We've fought against every variety of social progress, civil rights, tolerance, and economic equality for so many years we can't even remember if there was a time we would have been for any such thing. 

After all: There's never been an innocent babe I wouldn't mind seeing blown to into faceless bits of blood and gore, or a village burned, or a city leveled to rubble--as long as it's done with bombs purchased from American manufacturers.  I'm not stupid.

So don't be surprised if I'm enjoying this poisonous atmosphere of hatred, and ignorance. It's what I've always stood for. (Metaphorically speaking.)

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