Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yes, I Do Love Obama, Even Though He's Destroying Our Nation

"I can't believe I'm
getting paid for this!"
Hello Real Americans!  As you know, I'm always quick to compliment anyone to the left of Dick Cheney in a nasty backhanded way.  Take our president.  It's great what Obama is trying to do and I really respect how he's trying so hard even though it's destroying America, and god forbid we should have any government nation-building or infrastructure repair like I support in the Middle East but we need that to keep Real Americans like me safe from brown people.  Okay, now I pass GO and collect my $200, baby needs a new pair of shoes. (Hard to see me actually 'making love' though, don't I seem more like someone who has a good wank while paying two Hispanic maids to pummel each other with copies of Das Kapital?).  Besides, the Brooklyn Bridge has always been there and always will be.  The last thing we need is to spend money on upkeep.  Not in our pioneering DNA, nosirree.

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