Friday, July 30, 2010

Hi, I'm Larry Mantle. You May Remember Me From Such Films As "Billionaires Are People Too", "The Bachelor And The Billionaire", and "The Bitter Tears Of Megan Von Wittmann"

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But today will be a bit different. Instead of my favorite topic, the inhumanity of humanity (to billionaires), I will instead discuss a completely new topic: Why are people so darn mean to overpaid administrators?  Take Bell, California, for example.  Well, hey now, that's a hard job to be the city manager of town nobody has even fucking heard of.  So why shouldn't he be paid 4 times what the President of the United States earns?  I mean, you have to work a lot of hours.  Poor people don't understand work, as they spend most of their time collecting unemployment/stealing/selling drugs, so people who are struggling to make ends meet and have to work 16 hour shifts managing a 7-11 and can't afford child care so they still have to pick up their kids from school and somehow go to work the rest of the week without enough sleep--those people will never understand hard work.

Seriously, I mean, managing a city--no one can do that. No one has ever done that.  I doubt that any one ever will.  So how could we expect city workers laid off during the Great Recession, to understand that they are expendable while the city manager needs a wage rise?  Well, they can't, of course.

But I'm sure that Jerry Brown will try to make this scandal into political hay--after all, his biggest supporters are high-level administrators, city council members, and county supervisors.  Or so I appear to believe.  But I also appear to believe that these people are independently wealthy, so go figure.

And please remember that just as Rush Limbaugh is a hate-spewing, homophobic reactionary racist, so Keith Olbermann (or Jon Stewart) must (by some inverse property of human nature I don't call what to know it is)--they must be hate-spewing leftists.  It's that simple, and simplicity works.

And remember, you can only get this quality radio--me babbling on like an old crank--at KPCC.  And don't even think of joining KCRW instead--that station is run by a load of pill-popping techno fans wearing Che Guevara t-shirts.  So send us money.  Thank you and goodnight.

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