Friday, July 2, 2010

Employers Full Of It?

Factories Ready to Hire, but Skilled Workers Scarce -

Apparently there is not now nor has ever been a labor surplus in the U.S. Every week for the past 25 years I'm sure there has been a news story somewhere about how Americans are illiterate, can't read or do arithmetic, or follow directions. Apparently what "employers" really want is to spend absolutely no money training employees, but rather prefer to talk about how horrible education is in America because they do not automatically get people with highly specialized and quickly obsolescent skills off of the education assembly line. Never mind that this presumption contradicts the never-ending argument that capitalism is always more efficient than the non-profit schools. And yet K-12 educators are supposed to have the resources to teach every skill necessary for every factory? What a load. What "employers" really want, it seems, is for the government (i.e. the taxpayers) to pay for this specialized training (or even better, the student, via non-dischargeable student loans) so that they can use their disposable workers to whom they have no loyalty whatsoever at a minimal cost--and dump them the moment there's a turn in the marketplace.

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