Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Unconstitutional Trauma Care


Ladies, gentlemen, humans and other assorted, ahem, lesser primates: We are at a critical juncture in our history.  For at no time has our greatest and most precious freedom been at risk--the freedom to make a buck.  Yet throughout our history, this freedom has been repeatedly put at risk.

For hidden deep within our sacred scrolls lurks the horrible demon of socialism.  Were you thinking "interstate commerce clause"?  Of course you were.

I wouldn't be a lifelong pompous ass if I didn't have an ax or two to grind.  And believe me, I have many, many axes to grind.  For example: Should be imposing on the freedom of physicians by forcing emergency rooms to take any patient? Of course not.  I certainly would not care for the government telling me that I have to treat a car-crash victim simply because he's unconscious and no one can find his wallet.  It's only one small step from mandating collective insurance tocollective farming.  What's next? Will the president tell me whose lice I shall groom and when?  Please let's hope that we can put a stop to this violation of the fundamental rights of the nation's doctors.  Why should they feel obligated to treat sick people?

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