Saturday, February 12, 2011

Freedom (From Caring)

I have been talking to many people of late.  Many of these people have actually talked back to me.  (What I believe in modern psychology is known as a 'response'.)
Many of these people will tell you that they have a worthy cause: AIDs prevention, scientific research to treat diseases, feeding the malnourished, and so on and so on.  But I have a better, greater cause: Me.

I need airports for my holidays, roads to drive on, and a government that's going to do it's level-best to keep people with multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis out of my neighborhood.  I need incredibly botched, incredibly expensive invasions and occupations of foreign nations.  I need to know that American soldiers are being blown to bits by IEDs .  How else will I be able to condescendingly spread my message of modesty and humility if America's military might is not mighty enough to make me feel special by virtue of being shoved out of my mother's uterus within America's shining borders?

Of course it would be impossible.  And who would lose? The nation.  That's right, America would lose.  Totally fucked, really--maybe, in fact, the entire world.  For you see, the do-gooders, no matter how good they are, are seeing only the surface--that diseases kill people, the malnutrition or lead toxicity cause mental retardation, that pollution can cut short our lives, and so on and so on.

However, I have penetrated to a deeper and more profound level of understanding, and thus am able to see things as they truly are.  Therefore I don't require those things such as 'facts' and 'evidence' the Asian-Jewish Elite Meritocrats would have you believe are the basis for sound decision-making.  (Besides: If they were, our world would be perfect, and since it is not perfect, I have thusly disproved the need for 'facts' and 'evidence'.)

What do really need?  Glad you asked me, as it just so happens I have an answer: Slash And Burn.  That's right, slash the deficit, douse the pile with the kerosene of modesty, and light it up--with the flame of humility.  Those who have become serfs to their mortgage or slaves to their college tuition or maybe are just trying to survive with HIV as subsistence farmers on a dollar a day will simply have to cope.  But not without hope--rather, with modesty and humility.  And that's what give me the freedom to just, plain, not give a shit.  Stay humble.

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