Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Once Again I Yank Down My Trousers And Have A Go (This Time, On Wisconsin)

You know, it's never too late (or early) to bring up the conservative bugaboo of Orwell--even going on 3 decades post-USSR.  Just look at union protesters in Wisconsin engaging in "extralegal" peaceful demonstrations.  Terrifying.  Gives me an unpleasant feeling down under, like a girl on a camping trip with her stepfather.

Seriously, collective bargaining is just one step from show trials, starving the Ukraine, and The Terror.  Have you ever been on a collectivized farm? Neither have I.  As for revolts, who gave the peasants the right?  To be honest, I always felt that the American Revolution was a step too far--at least until someone gives me a convincing legal argument as to its justification under British law.  Keep it in your pants, peasants.

But the real point is isn't that we need to deprive the nearly powerless such that they are completely powerless--we can save that for later.  What we need is a system to fairly share the burden of responsible government and taxation.  Some of us will have to give up medical care or living past the ripe old age of 35--others might have to give up a yacht or a few concubines.  Everybody suffers.

Perhaps some system of democracy, wherein elected representatives gather and act in the best interest of the nation and its people.  If only there was such a system....Who am I kidding? It wouldn't even be legal.  And as anyone who followed my coverage of the Shrubya Adminsistration, I'm all about legality.


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