Sunday, February 13, 2011

How Iraq Was Really The Fault Of The Liberal, George Bush

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What can we do about Egypt?  Oh, not much.

But as Obama sweats over what course to take in Egypt, (not that we ever seen him perspire)--and engage in some very unleftist realpolitik--we can now look back and see put the previous administration in a more focused perspective.

So while Obama continues the Great Game, our beloved Shrubya, on the other hand, was in fact the real liberal--someone whom so utterly believed in Democracy that he didn't feel the need to practice it himself (but rather would implement it the old-fashioned know...bombs, torture, indefinite imprisonment without a trial, insertion of imperial regents, all liberals would like to do).

Therefore, all Conservatives are hereby exonerated from any blame for anything they have said or done--especially me.  And now that Iraq is looking more like Iran than Beirut On The Beach (no idea what that means, just like the way it sounded), we conservatives have to admit one thing: Whatever went wrong, it's not our fault.  So Egypt, as it turns out, is really about me.

Amazing how logic works eh what?

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