Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Dictionary: What is "Education Reform"? Or: Sink To The Bottom

The Teachers’ Unions’ Last Stand -

This article tells us exactly what education reform is all about, and has always been about: Breaking up the last remnants of organized labor in the United States (it's our country or whatnot)--ensuring that teachers will have to be kissing the respective asses of every parent, every administrator for every day of every week of every year of their career.

And as teaching becomes ever more unpleasant, unrewarding and insecure with ever lower and lower benefits and pay, 'reform' ensures that the 'profession' of teaching becomes more and more like that of the typical low-wage American worker--no benefits, no retirement, no medical coverage, no job security--but you will be secure in the knowledge that you are just a back-injury away from a lifetime of poverty and worse.

If this doesn't attract better people to the teaching profession, what will?

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