Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Those Darn Elitists by David Brooks

About a decade ago, one began to notice a profusion of Organization Kids at elite college campuses. These were bright students who had been formed by the meritocratic system placed in front of them. They had great grades, perfect teacher recommendations, broad extracurricular interests, admirable self-confidence and winning personalities. They were, in short, the opposite of me. 

 But now one of these kids (actually she's around 50 so she probably wasn't a student a decade ago) is about to be released on us as Mr. Obama once again tries to unleash the Hounds Of Pragmatism And The Common Good--and may God help us all.

Amazing, the Ivy League causes turns people into unthinking, uncritical automatons. Thank goodness Bush II sprouted out of an irrigated Texas corn patch! It takes real courage to implement new jurisprudence measures, such as the first American Gulag, sanctioning the use of torture and secret prisons....Stalin would be pleased to see that he's catching on over here in the U.S. At least with thinking-out-of-the-box types who didn't attend Elitism University--you know, the *real* Americans

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