Sunday, March 28, 2010

In Defense Of Pope Benedict

by William Bennett

Okay, let's get this straight. So there was a bit of rape going on and no one could be buggered to do something about it. At least those kids were attending mass and reading the Gospel. Can you imagine how fucked up it would be if they hadn't gone to mass? What a mess they would be! Besides, is rape mentioned in the Ten Commandments or the Seven Sins? I don't think so, but who really knows, as I'm a giant blowhard who never thinks twice before shooting off his mouth--and since I have the support of other giant blowhards and assorted morons of various ilks, your opinion doesn't matter. Only the opinions of Real Americans. Maybe if we didn't have to spend so much time bombing abortion clinics or going to Gambler's Anonymous, we would have time to worry about rape. But until that time, let's make it clear that the real problem facing America is a decline in values. In my day a kid would get raped, no one would talk about it, and we could shun and exclude anyone who was different. We had values. [sigh] Those were the days.

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