Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Zellwegger's in danger?





With spoilers (you have been warned).

Finally finished watching it. I actually rather liked it--entertaining if you go in with zero expectations. Interesting to see a 10 year old girl out-act everyone else in the movie, except for Ian McShane (and the 'creepy parents'). The kid in the movie did a great job of being creepy yet adorable and seems to be the only one in the film with interesting dialogue; McShane is great in a minor role. Overall, seems like a lot of lost potential--just could have been a much better film with a little effort or risk.

The worst bit is, the ending just kills any horrific mood created. I could not help but think of an MST3K line: 'Zellwegger survived! Surely this is a victory for Good!'*

Frankly, this reminded me of a more recent creepy-kid movie wherein I really end up rooting for Evil. I suppose Freud was right--we do want to kill our parents.

Also, the CGI is over used, and probably would have been better if not used at all.

And other than killing people who are basically unlikeable to begin with, was the girl really so bad--hell, that's a public service. I mean, come on, she's cute as a button! Although I'm not really sure why buttons are cute! Why am I shouting!!?

*see MST3K, "Puma Man" ["Are pumas known for their ability to fly?"]

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