Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July Editorial: The Fight Against British Oppression Continues!

By Gunz2Luv

Fellow patriots, let's take a moment to remember on the this joyous day of our independence that the struggle against British Oppression continues to this very day. For example, this recent example from New Zealand:

Wheelchair-Bound Gunman Killed By Cops
12:00pm UK, Monday June 29, 2009
Police killed muscular dystrophy patient Shayne Sime in his Burnside home in a suburb of Christchurch on New Zealand's South Island on Sunday night....police were called after neighbours heard a volley of shots being fired from a shotgun and high-powered rifle....Sime, who was believed to have been drinking and had earlier contacted family members saying he was suicidal....According to the Christchurch Press newspaper, the 42-year-old was amember of a gun club which made its own ammunition.

How sad...In our proud nation, he would have been considered to be a well-regulated militia. Let us salute this enemy of oppression! President Obama, I hereby informally request that you formally request Congress to make this man an honorary American citizen, that he may in death have the rights he was denied in life: The right to self-defense and a really kick-ass light beer delivered to your corner grocery in a convenient, recyclable aluminum can. Will you stand with us (and by "us" I mean me and my cats), Mr. President? Or will you side with the British once more, as when I informally requested you last year to launch a surprise first nuclear attack against the U.K. in order to finally free the freedom-lovers of Jamaica from the pernicious influence of the Queen and too much rum?

Drinking and firing at random is protected in the good ole' US of A by the Second andFirst Amendments. But not for the British, who remain afraid in their homes and their gun clubs, while We Americans are able to celebrate our freedom and patriotism with liberal quantities of both home-made ammo and home-made ethanol.

It's the American Way. It's Our Way. It's the Freedom Way.

Live Free, Shoot First, And Prosper.

Gunz2Luv out.


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