Monday, July 6, 2009

Jedi Bush Plays With Saddam's Gun.

"See that? He tried to kill my daddy with that gun--but now I got it!

heh heh heh

"Yup, I did that, not even my daddy could take away Saddi's, but dad-gum-it-all, I did! Blam! Blam! See, even has a place to put the bullets, it's real and everything! I bet he killed his son-in-laws with it! Blam! Yup, all mine, now, gonna put it in mah presidential library with mah other presidential crap, mah bushwhacker, mah weedwhacker, mah golfcart, mah mountain bike...yup...good times, good times. Ahhhh........BLAM! Heh heh, gotchya!"

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