Sunday, July 12, 2009

Google Fuck.

Wow, they suspended my adsense account, suggesting I was a danger to their
advertisers. Man, you publish *one* gay marriage/sodomy post involving
Jesus, Muhammed and Moses, and suddenly people get pissed. Where's the
fucking love? My income has been reduced from one postage stamp per year
to nil postage stamps. How am I supposed to feed my 15 children (all named
muhammed) and supplement my suicide-bomb-belt business? Muhammed One,
double our C4 projections for the next fiscal year! Muhammed Three, tell
Muhammed Two to cancel our door-to-door sales and focus on our ebay store!
Muhammed Four, fire up Quickbooks and grind out our estimated shipping
costs for the next three suicide bombing holidays! IbnRodent&Sons must
quadruple production for all central Asian war zones by next Ramadan or Al
Queda will beat us again! Curse their petrodollars!!!!

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