Saturday, July 4, 2009

U.S. Governors Initiate Kickass Road Trip to Burning Man.

The governors of the all 50 states of the USA recently convened to throw a totally-whacked-out-we're-going-to-Burning-Man party. South Carolina gov' Mark Sanford kicked off the event with the requisite I'm heading to the liquor store (Appalachia) to stock up on booze, but ended up having an Animal House style run-in with a newswoman in a completely different hemisphere. Whether or not this trip was completed in a 60's-style Volkswagen or perhaps an aging 70's American muscle car is not known at this point. The last anyone heard from the Mr. Sanford, however, he was in an obviously-drug-induced stupor, and his girlfriend was pretty damn pissed. Well, their reconciliation should be hilarious whether it involves castration or not.

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