Monday, June 29, 2009

Lovecraft on Love

When I was discussing "The Unnameable Horror", I was for the most part thinking about online dating (which I assumed would be accomplished via telepathy with the demons of the underworld, but either way, rather prescient of me, eh?) Or maybe I mostly speaking of my horrible, horrible fear of vaginas. My father was sucked in headfirst and was never seen again upon the face of the Earth. Briefly he struggled, up to his shoulders, but then the tentacles emerged and it was all over. Not the sort of thing a young lad should witness. My mother denied it, but isn't that what one would expect her to say? Very well, I must return to the Underworld. (And by the by, if you happen to glance an elf-maiden gadding about, let me know, she made off with my left ventricle and I don't believe she's going to bring it back.)

Yours in Perpetual Fear,
H.P. Lovecraft

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