Wednesday, May 13, 2015

foreign people news: cameron promises 'kinder, gently buttfucking', 'end to that fucking dragon in the park'

david cameron promises 'brighter, aspirational future with kinder, gentler, buttfucking'

-news from those across the sea

In news from those strange foreign people in their strange foreign land, it is reported that their leader, known as "Cameron", aka "Dave", has promised his people (assuming they exist), "a newer, brighter, aspiration future with a kindler, gentler, buttfucking." The buttfucking of the populace, he declared, "Will not be the harsh buttfucking of austerity, want, and privation, but rather well-lubricated buttfucking with a gentle, sensitive reach-around which might even yield pleasing results for all parties involved. Also, I promise to finally get rid of that fucking dragon living in Hyde Park. We all know he's been costing the NHS millions to have his scales cleaned and we are reasonably certain that he just flew here from Serbia without a visa." something. " The man known as Cameron then went outside to seek a citizen willing to engage with his administration in a mutual effort to implement the kinder-gentler-buttfuck proposal. At last report, no such person had been found.


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