Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Douthat's Credibility Gap

Ross Douthat on Libya: "Does it matter that Obama’s words don’t really seem to match his administration’s actions?"


I can only imagine that the above statement was intended as a joke and we should all enjoy a good laugh.

(To explain the joke, we would have to dig through the fossil records of the Right Wing Apologetics belonging to the catastrophe of that era generally referred to as 'The Bush Years'; and, in the utter absence of any outrage [that this humble rodent can recall] perceivable by any of the rightie-partisans regarding aforementioned catastrophic era, we must conclude (once again) that these Right Wingers are at best self-deluded fools--and at worst, partisan hypocrites without an ounce of self-reflexive capacity.  I'm not sure either one bodes well for the nation.)


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