Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rahm Emmanuel Is A Lovely, Lovely Wonderful Man Who Wants To Destroy America


Enough of the Rahm-bashing! He is a wonderful man who just happens to hate and loathe America and wants to wipe it off the face of the planet. Other than that, he's a swell guy!

And of course, like all Obama staffers, he's worships the Obama and believes he is the Son of God and is therefore not only a hell-bound-blasphemer but also utterly delusional and an out-of-touch-with-reality elitist who hates Real Americans and Freedom.  And, I suspect, he once raped a freshly baked apple pie. (In fact, they say that to join Obama's inner circle, you must into the West Wing and rape an apple pie that has been decorated with an American flag while singing 'God Bless America'.  Also I have been told that you have to kiss Obama's ring while kneeling and there is a secret inner shrine with Obama on a crucifix before which every Obama staffer must genuflect.  I can't verify any of this but it all strikes me as plausible.)

So, in sum, Emmanuel and the rest of Obama's evil minions are warm, wonderful people who just happen to be hell-bent on destroying America and Christianity and everything that is good on this Earth.  We'll miss you, Rahm.

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