Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Money Matters NOT

People want you to believe in many, many, many foolish things, young apprentice.  "Important is money."  "Important is food to us nourish." "Important is some action even from yonder walking syphilis vehicle, for drunk is she and therefore easy is she too."  Fools! Fools they are! Maketh a difference naught but THE FORCE.

Partisans political they are, and fools too they are.  For Americans Real (White), am I and are you.  Know thus that Swiftboating-believing am I not.

Money care for not, I do.  Yet hack am I, and so repeat same endlessly will I.  For hypocrite too am I, unless most sanguine you are.  And overpaid hypocrite likely I am, and yet gainful employment still I have though wit nor talent lack utterly do I.  Does not mine own doofishness the way of THE FORCE prove?

And yet, my young apprentice,  The Scientists Political, contend with them still I must.  For some say this, some say that, some say this and that--well I say neither (says I).

For Americans Real, money mattereth not, but mattereth only THE FORCE...and yet taxation resist they must, lest taxation upon us all THE DARK SIDE bring (it might).

For Partisan I am not, but humble Yoda I be, though media whore too am I. A FORCE WHORE.

May The Force Be With You,
Eternally Yours,
Yoda Brooks

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