Thursday, October 7, 2010

Arguing About The Deficit Is A Lot Like Sumo Wrestling

As usual, the stench of Democrats is filling my sinus cavities—yes, again.  The pig stink of their fecal hypocrisy rises from the waste pen of filth in which they live, brawling like mud-covered rikishi.  Like greedy hogs grasping for ever larger troughs, they love to spend money—our money, your money, my money—on trivialities such as keeping useless old people alive.

This is reprehensible, for this is the election where these useless old people have been more terrified of the Federal deficit than ever.  Which should be good for a good year for people who think like me (let’s call them the pure).  Why are they terrified? Because we keep telling them they should be.  Why? Because their Social Security and Medicare could disappear.  And why do we tell them that? So they will vote us into office in order that we can get rid of Social Security and Medicare.  How else will we be able to take care of useless old people?  Not with Social Security or Medicare.

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