Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SCIENCE: Is There A Future For Manned Prostitution?

First Known Photo Of Robot Molesation

There is no case, I repeat no case, for spending valuable U.S. taxpayer dollars on manned prostitution. Every year, the amount of data we can gather through unmanned visits increases as the costs decrease; in the meantime, the risks of manned expeditions increase exponentially, even as costs rise. Risk estimates are frequently misleading, and followed by years of costly overruns due to unexpected expenses. If you think it's amusing to be named in a paternity suit or be told that you have an 'exotic' variant of Gonorrhea, I can assure--as can millions of other Americans--that it is neither amusing nor inexpensive. Laugh if you will, but remember this: We are putting the lives of Americans in danger--is that, sir, a laughing matter? I submit to you that it is not. And when unmanned emissions are becoming more and more practical and economical, we must put all due effort into furthering this effort. And that's the way it is, America.

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