Sunday, February 7, 2010

President Palin....hmmmmm?

Gazing into our crystal ball into the misty distant future, we can only dream and wonder what beautific visions of Palins Future will bring to us.

Although one might suspect that it could be a lot like this....
President Palin awakens in the morning, and her manservant, the newly divorced and unelectable Mr. McCain, is already awake, dressed in a suit and ready to present Her Majesty with freshly squeezed juice, scrambled eggs (Alaska-style, whatever that is) and bacon. He reads her mail to her as she breaks her fast. Soon she is surrounded by policy advisors telling her what to say today, as Mr. McCain stands silently holding a silver serving tray. Eventually he is dismissed, which gives him enough time to change into a chauffeur's uniform. His duties include driving Her Majesty to book signings and speaking engagements, and also lighting her cigarettes promptly when the tobacco stick is in her fingers. How has he fallen so far, he wonders to himself, still finding it hard to believe that 99% of his 401K went to child support.

On the way to the speech to a group of people who will either be dressed in tri-cornered hats or ceremonial Native American headdress, Mr. McCain must stop and pull over in order to change the diapers of her latest disabled child. And before he can start the car, Her Majesty has spawned yet another wee beastie to present to her adoring public, making Queen Victoria look less fertile than the Gobi Desert. Standing silently behind and below Her Majesty, he awaits until the proper moment to uplift the black egg in front of the roaring crowd, and as it hatchets and skaddles off to invade the thorax of a staff intern, the people cheer: Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin!

Yes, that sounds like a plausible scenario.

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