Thursday, December 31, 2009

Movies News: Summer 2010

more crap this summer


Anthony Hopkins returns as Hannibal Lector in "Hannibal Versus The Werewolves." We can look forward to good Doctor, a strapping 72 years of age, taking out a heavily armed Special Air Service platoon with a safety razor, some dental floss and a moss-covered pavement stone. Kevin McKidd is the only survivor and epilogue headline reads, "Old Guy Shaved Our Balls To The Wall!"

Ben Kingsley's legion of enthusiasts will love the return of this ham that won't die in Elegy2:2Elegiac2Furious. We will all look forward to crying at this moving scene, with the lovely Consuela afflicted with cancer (again).

Really Old Dude to Penelope Cruz: Consuela, you can't do [breast cancer] this alone (again). Penelope Cruz to really old dude: Will you still fuck me if I lose my of my breasts? Really Old Dude: Are you shitting me? I'm Ben Fucking Kingsley, the greatest actor in the world! I can grab a 17 year old strumpet with TWO TITS any day of the week! Luck with the whole cancer thing!

Will Old Guy Keep Rooting Youger Woman Or Ditch Her For Aborted Fetus?

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