Monday, June 15, 2015

fans of 'game of thrones' lost their shit again

Fans of the on-going  life-was-a-nightmare-way-back-when-but-what-if-there'd-been-dragons series "Game of Thrones" lost their collective  shit once again after last night's episode. The president has not scheduled a press conference to discuss the topic. However, a statement from the White House advised television viewers 'not to lose their shit over a TV show because it's fiction and shit like that, like it's not even real and stuff.' Retorted Hopeless Fanboys of America CEO Dan Facsimily, "It's real because it feels real! Thanks Obama! Where were you when the script was being written? Where is the writers' room? Kenya?"

#gameofthrones #obama #losttheirshitagain
#kenyan #nobirthcertificate #truthers #thanksobama! 

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