Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You Blind Ignorant Deluded Assholes

by Echochamber Douthat

Let's start with the facts: Liberals are blind, stupid, ignorant, and deluded assholes. Granted, that's pretty obvious to anyone not emotionally invested in The Current Administration (which has been a failure since Day One, when we conservatives knew it would be a disaster). I'm not denigrating anyone. Just establishing a starting point for discussion.

And now we can officially say that Obama is treading in Bush's footsteps (think, say, Disciple:Jesus). And there are countless bits of supporting evidence to substantiate this claim. During his campaign for president, Obama promised to "get Bin Laden". But once elected, Obama didn't. Classic Bush. (Later, he did. But let's not dwell on that, except to note that succeeding in something makes him Bush-like, if by 'success' you mean 'riding a bicycle and constantly challenging his staff to bike races like a 10-year-old.')

Did Obama create an unconstitutional little offshore Bastille? No, but he didn't close Bush's either. Apparently Democrats have matured sufficiently to realize that Obama is not omnipotent. I backhandedly congratulate them on their belated maturity.

Did Bush need to know what was happening in Iraq? No. And neither do I. Ask anyone who was in Iraq. I can't think of anyone who had anything negative to say about it. All this talk talk talk about Obama being "intelligent". Did Our Beloved Bicyclist In Chief require facts to invade Iraq, or to order an assault in Fallujah, and then to rescind the order after troops had already advanced, and then order another assault, compounding tragedy with even more pointless tragedy. Did Our Beloved Shrub need to know that even as his administration was selling aluminum tubes as potentialities of mushroomesque clouds, another cog in the executive branch wheel had already determined that they were no such thing? Did Bush need Hans Blix looking over his shoulder and trying to decide for The Decider? Did Bush need to reign in the neocon attack dragons with some common sense? Of course not. And let's hope Obama won't either.

In other words, an unnecessary intervention to stem a threat that wasn't was exactly the war we needed. I had no idea that these things cost money back in 2002.

And that's why intervening in Libya to prevent a human rights catastrophe was a mistake. (If you read it again it all makes sense somehow.)

But the real lesson we need to take from this is this (lesson): Never admit that your party twice elected a fool who's only business experience was to destroy every business that he ran, and when anointed, chose the worst kind of self-deluded tools to run the government, and even worse, he took their advice, stubbornly clinging to anyone perceived as loyal and unwilling to question The Decider's deciding.

Because then I'd look like the tool. Oh, and a pox on the deficit and whatnot.

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