Sunday, August 22, 2010

This Is Not The Time For Honesty

How to discourage college students

The truth, though, is that for all schools the numbers are misleading. They count as deadbeats students who have restructured their loans, with government approval, to pay only interest for the first few years, until their earnings can be expected to grow, and who remain up to date on their restructured payment schedules. It makes no sense to retroactively punish schools, and their potential students, for practices that the Education Department has encouraged until now.

Honesty about the value of worthless but expensive degrees will only discourage potential suckers--er, students--from pursuing such degrees by going into a black hole of debt from which they will never escape. And this will not help our wealthy friends in corporate America who rely on this cycle of taxpayer-subsidized fools--um, potential students--to keep them in the pink (with green).

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