Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In Other Words--Ain't Gonna' Happen

Inexperienced Companies Chase School Reform Funds - NYTimes.com: "Overhauling schools is challenging work, and experts say few efforts succeed. Breaking the cycle of failure in a school that has become a drop-out factory requires an “extreme reset,” said Tim Cawley, a managing director at the Academy for Urban School Leadership, a nonprofit group leading several turnaround efforts in Chicago. Usually that means installing a new principal and a newly committed teaching staff, invigorating the school’s culture with high expectations and a no-nonsense discipline, adopting a rigorous curriculum, and carrying out regular testing to determine what has been learned and what needs to be retaught, Mr. Cawley said."

Well maybe Halliburton will be building schools in the U.S.--given their track record in Iraq, should be bloody smashing.

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