Sunday, April 12, 2015

excremente du verbiage, a brief consideration

Unequal, Yet Happy -

Perhaps the book the book of pseudo-science these two are hustling would be better titled: "Crap: How to Rename an Old Idea to Generate Cash from Gullible Citizens".  Subtitle: "How to make Hollow Words Sound 'Cool'"

Sub sub title: "Because Evidently Coolness Derives From Whatever Garbage Has Somehow Struck Gold, I mean Look at those Freakonomics Guys, If They Can Peddle Horse Manure, Why Can't We?"

I'm not even going to bother to note the changes in society that have made life  easier for even the lowest since the days of 16 hour shifts in coal mines for 10 year old boys. But I will hope that the authors end up homeless on the street, and just for once, I could see someone eat a well-deserved dish of crow.

You can shovel and shovel, but the total amount of verbal excrement produced by people such as these two are far exceeds any possible amount of removal. This observation seems like a violation of one of the laws of thermodynamics--but I can't remember which one. Ask Stephen Hawking.  

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