Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Horror Of The Penis by Lez Luv

Now many of you gents may be wondering why, exactly, do lesbians get PhD's in order to teach about male sexuality? After all, you don't see to many gay fellows ranting about how much they hate vaginas. It's actually quite simple:

Every time a woman has sex with a man, it's rape. Every time a man thinks about having sex with a woman, it's rape. And most likely, every time a man touches his hideous, disgusting throbbing gristle, he's probably just raped himself. So, you see, it's really up to those women who are willing to wear pants, smoke cigars, and ram our tongues up each others' snackboxes (in other words, those of us who have thrown off the shackles of the patriarchal oppressors) who are able to to truly understand men, male sexuality, and their sick, sordid disgusting fantasies which involve their repulsive membranes. For who can understand just how repulsive men are, more than a woman who utterly despises them? I think the answer is obvious.

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