Wednesday, October 1, 2014

And Now, A Message From Salvador Dali About The 1955 Chrysler Convertible

Hello, friends. I am internationally-renowned artist and provocateur, Salvador Dali, here to talk to you about the 1955 Chrysler Convertible. Did you ever dream of car that looks like a huge clock being swallowed by a black hole? Well now, you can own it. The good people at Chrysler have at last designed an automobile for the likes of people such as myself; a mode of transport that moves you from point to point in the space-time continuum by defying the known laws of physics: In fact, warping time and space themselves. All while providing a smooth ride, trouble-free braking and an aerodynamic design that says, 'Yes, I know Frank Sinatra as a personal friend, we have hung out in Las Vegas upon many a happy time, he bought a Picasso off of me. I slept with the Picasso's model in fact. After Picasso did.' Hurry to your dealer, as no one is sure how many of these units have been made--or if in fact they even exist at all--or is this all the work of some fevered mind? Mine perhaps, or yours, or some strange, dark, deluded gods. Who knows?.
Thank you friends, for sharing your time with me and allowing me to talk to you about the advantages of the 1955 Chrysler Convertible. Provided any of us exist. If not, we must start over. (With existing.)

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