Monday, October 12, 2009

Republicans Denounce Nobel Penis Prize.

Conservatives across the nation were horrified that Da Prez was awarded the Nobel's most coveted award, the Penis Prize. Said GOP Chairman Michael Steele: "We have plenty of very large penises deserving of recognition. Look at Bush Penis--come on, take a gander, look at it! Doesn't it deserve some recognition? Think of all of the things it accomplished! And there's Limbaugh's flaccid member. Sure it's surrounded by a grotesque corpulent mass, but that does not lessen its glory--even I am beholden to it. So please, let's hope that this committee which is not funded or controlled by the U.S. in any way will come back to its senses and do what we want it to do: Recognize our magnificent, war-mongering, birth-control-hating, xenophobic Republican penises. They deserve it."

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