Monday, April 25, 2011

"Decision Points" Re-Categorized As "Humor & Comedy"

Crown Publishers announced in a press release today that the former president G. W. Bush's, Decision Points, had incorrectly been promoted as an autobiography. 
[Crown] acknowledges that there were many egregious errors in the book, such as our mistaken belief that Mr. Bush was the author of the book, or that Mr. Bush could write any book, or that anyone could seriously believe anything that Mr. Bush would say after 8 years of non-stop lies, deceit, and general incompetence. Nor could we seriously entertain the contention that he did, as he claimed, "worked very hard." For all of these errors, Crown Publishers sincerely apologizes to any readers who felt that our company had engaged in deceptive practices.  However, we do believe that it can proudly take its place between The Ultimate Garfield Compendium and Dave Barry's witty take on suburbia, Why Won't My Wife Take It Up The Ass?  


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