Monday, April 18, 2011

Jon Stewart Bravely Stands Against Democratic Metaphors

Jon Stewart Bravely Stands Against Democratic Metaphors

So cutting Medicare or Medicaid would not literally be a "deathtrap"?  When was the last time Jon Stewart delayed medical treatment because he couldn't afford it, or care was rejected by his insurance plan, or he had neither health insurance nor cash to pay for treatment? 

I'm guessing, not lately. In the meantime, many go without basic medication to control cholesterol or blood pressure or any number of other conditions. So the next time you decide to spend 10 years complaining about how the democrats can't communicate and then bitch and whine about their hypocrisy when they do, maybe you should just think to yourself, "Perhaps I, Jon Stewart, should just shut the fuck up instead of feeling obligated to slam at least one person to the left of John Birch in every episode. Maybe I'm becoming out-of-touch with the average American who is just struggling to get through every day and really couldn't give a liter of rat's piss about the duplicity of the left. But shouldn't we appreciate the fucking American-ness of everyone who wants to eliminate the social safety net, eliminate paying those nasty public defenders (so much easier to toss poor people in the can when they can't afford an attorney and they're probably guilty of something), reduce law enforcement and firefighters and get rid of those lazy teachers...I mean, they still believe in FUCKING FREEDOM, don't they?" In other words, Stewart, the way you feel about Obama, is the way I feel about you. Not that any of it matters because our nations politics is eventually up to swing voters, who must be the biggest idiots on the planet.

There, I feel slightly better.  


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