Saturday, April 30, 2011

Local Bullshit That Infuriates Me For Some Fucking Reason

This "Larry Mantle" asshole at KPCC, a taxpayer/listener supported radio staion in Los Angeles.

His show should be called "Two Hours With Senile Old Conservative" Mon. through Friday.  I kid you not. He was going on about pensions, and a caller said, "Well better pensions might attract better people to these jobs." His response? "Oh, well maybe they'd just pay more to attract better people." Right, we're going to cut taxes and pensions but increase public employee salaries. What a fucking asshole. 

P.S. He's the same asshole who defended those Bell City councilmen (in L.A. County) for doing 'hard jobs' before it turned out they were all completely corrupt and stealing from the city treasury, expressing anger that incoming Gov. Jerry Brown would make "political hay" out of it.  How does this shithead keep his job, it's amazing. (Probably, no one is paying attention to anything he says, so what's my excuse?)


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