Saturday, January 22, 2011

If Guns Don't Kill People, Then Why The Hell Did You Buy A Gun?


Okay, I was, as usual, sitting in the desk drawer of this named Fred or Joe or Aziz or whatever, I don't really give a shit, fully loaded of course in case someone wants to kick the door in and force his fat wife to have an abortion or rape his dog or whatever.  Look, I don't give a shit why you want to kill someone or who the hell it is.  I'll kill anyone or anything.  I can pop off 10 times in less than 10 seconds--with me you have the firepower of an 1861 infantry platoon.  I can shoot the shit out of pretty much anything smaller than a grizzly bear and even if I don't kill it, that bear would not be feeling well at all.  And I take pride in that. It's my job.

But to say,  I don't kill people?  Then why the hell did you go to "The Shooting Gallery" on Main and Fifth and plonk down $431.99 plus tax to take me home?  Not including ammunition, lessons, and even that weekend with the "Freedom Militia"?  Oh yeah, I know all about it--I was there, you idiot.  You paid $1000 of your hard-earned cash to play soldier like you were six years old just to severe sunburn and poison sumac.  I would have gone to Disney World.  I mean, what the hell?

Yes, I'm sure you could shoot into a crowd of people and massacre them with a rusty steak knife or a heavy wooden chair.  I'm sure you hide a  car in your pocket, walk up to the fifth floor and kill your ex-wife that way.  I'm sure you could assassinate a political figure from 20 meters with a tomahawk.  Yes, please go postal with a boomerang and let me know who it works out for you. Jackass.

No, I can kill people and I'm pretty damn good at it.  So maybe you should mention that at your next NRA meeting.  You don't want to get on my side.

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