Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do Schizophrenics Have A Right To Own Land Mines?

[begin segment]
Larry Mantle: Okay, we're back on AirTalk with noted skeptic Michael Shermer. So many weirdos are in the news.  I feel like one is typing something about me right at this very moment, pecking away, not just at his keyboard but at my soul.

Michael Shermer: The world is filled with weirdos. No way we can predict which one is going to become violent.

Larry: Sounds reasonable. Let's take  a call.  Hello, caller, you're on AirTalk.

Caller: Hi, Michael, I bought a gun and I'm going to kill some bitch real soon.

Shermer: Great call.

Larry: Well what do you think, Michael, can we predict if this guy is going to kill you or perhaps act out dangerously or violently?

Shermer: No, I suspect he's probably just on XBOX Live and probably believes he's playing Grand Theft Auto, and called your show by mistake.

Larry: I agree.

Shermer: Studies have shown that sometimes people actually read scientific studies.

Larry: Interesting. Well that's the kind of intelligent conversation we love here on AirTalk.

Shermer: I do predict that your next discussion will be how any tax increases will ruin California's economy without any discussion of the results of not increasing taxes.

Larry: [laughter] Oh, too true, you got me on that one Mike.  So, is there anything at all we can do to prevent lunatics from getting guns buying land mines or anti-tank weapons?

Shermer: I'm skeptical.  [Laughter]

Larry: It's great we can laugh so soon after a massacre.

Shermer: I agree.  After all, people die needless and tragic deaths everyday.

Larry: Especially in American high schools and colleges.


[end segment]

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