Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stick It, Humanity.

Devil of a Scandal - Readers' Comments -

What really can one expect of any organization, cultural group, or hierarchy that demands obedience and conformity? The group protects itself, rationalizes its actions as good or at least 'legal' and 'appropriate' when in fact they were sweeping the slime under a rug, and then when the proverbial storm hits the fan, attempts to toss up a cloud of dust by saying, "There was no way we could ever have known...." Because 99% per cent of the time, no outsider would ever know or care, unless it just happens to make a giant splash in the media. Who knew some girl would kill herself over some kids-will-be-kids behavior in a school? (To cite a recent example outside of Catholicism.) Why bother to care--most of the time, no one will know, the victim(s) will carry on without anyone paying attention, bearing the scars for years--perhaps decades--and the public at large may occasionally bleat loudly about this or that outrage but rarely if ever look at themselves in the mirror and question their own integrity. Because such things happen *everywhere*, and they are pretty much ignored all too often. So it's no wonder that at least once a month we can read about a kid somewhere was abused and no one ever saw the signs....And frankly, it sickens me.
I'm guess I'm saying, don't expect too much from most people as their idea of "good" mostly is of the do-nothing-don't-rock-the-boat-variety. And on that trite cliche I declare this rant to be over.

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