Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blair'n'Bush: Much Todo About Something Something

Or: On Being Half-Misedumacated
by Mark Mckinnon

Everyday we learn more and more about our President. (No, Obama is not our president, as he is not an American Citizen.  This means that Bush is still the president till we have a new election.)

"George had arrived bang on time for this first discussion and had not fully said hello to all the participants. He didn’t know or recognize Guy, whose advice he listened to with considerable astonishment.
He turned to me and whispered, “Who is this guy?”
“He’s the prime minister of Belgium,” I said.
“Belgium?” George said, clearly aghast at the possible full extent of his stupidity. “Belgium’s not part of the G8.”
“No,” I said, “but he is the president of Europe.”
'You got Belgians running Europe?' He shook his head, now aghast.
"Arf!" I replied, wagging my tail at his witticism.  He was like an American Oscar Wilde!
“Blairino, is it 'you have' or 'you got'? I don't want the press laughing at me again--especially Stretch.  He's worse than Big Stretch or Little Stretch or Little Big Stretch or even Blindie.”
"It's whichever one you think is  best, Mr. President!"
"Good boy," replied Mr. Bush.  "Here's a biscuit--I'll save you a nice piece of juicy steak unless they give !
“Good boy! Here's a biscuit!”
“Arf arf!.”
And that was the greatest day of my life.  -Tony Blair
“Good boy! Here you think "Good boy," replied Mr. Bus
h.  "Here's a biscuit--I'll save y

The point is, Belgians are stupid fat bastards and should all die.
Yours in Christ,
Mark McKinnon

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