Monday, June 7, 2010

Who Will Protect Our Nation's Predatory Lenders?

An Initiative to Ease Student Loan Debt - The Choice Blog -

This question haunts many of us these days: What will become of our nation's usurers, predatory money-lenders, pawn brokers, and debt-enslavement corporations?  Will they still be able to take advantage of anyone naive enough to think an overpriced college education will lead to a life of middle-class comfort, security and stability?Every time a major corporation takes a hit, millions of children are affected.  A reduction in profits for Citibank would cause untold numbers of families of lobbyists and lawyers will be tossed out on the street like like so many leftover meals--and think of the tropical aquariums! Will there be a home for them? And what of the mistresses of executives, turned out of their apartments due to limits on credit card interest rates? What will happen to them?

Still, hope remains--as long as the contract remains a black hole of apprehension, infinitely dense in meaning and sucking in all lucidity within its gravitational field.  And as long as that hold, we can yet hope that our nation's great bondage-enslavers will remain preeminent

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